Adobe Spiderman* Video

Adobe Spark Video is a super easy and simple way to create videos. Enhance your story by adding videos, images, and music! The app provides different templates, layouts, and options for any occasion. One of my personal favorite features is the voice recording ability, which I used to narrate my story about Spiderman.

The narrating feature of Adobe Spark Video is especially helpful because it allows educators to modify lessons. For example, if students aren’t quick, fluent readers, they can listen to your voice while they also read the captions.

You can also use this feature to have students practice fluency by having them record their voices as they read. This allows them to demonstrate their ability to read with punctuation, expression, and comprehension.

A specific example of a lesson you could incorporate in your classrooms would be having students create their own read-alouds. This would require students to combine multiple skills including visual, auditory, and writing concepts in one lesson, but uses fun tech and media to produce it!

In addition, you could have older students create videos about fun things they did over the weekend, over the break, or even a step-by-step process for a maker space project they made!


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  1. AdobeSpark is such a cool tool, and I love learning about all of the new and different uses for it. Retelling a story, like you did here, would be a great way to use it in a classroom. I can definitely see myself making these for my students and introducing its’ uses to older elementary students.

  2. I really like the Gifs you used. I like how you did a voice over of the story you were telling, I didn’t do that with mine which I thought was very cool. I could see myself maybe creating this for a substitute to show my class for a lesson that I will be gone for.

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