2020 in a Glance


An accurate representation of me snowboarding for the first time! I left the mountain with lots of bruises, but also some great memories with my best friend.


My first time at Las Vegas to visit my boyfriend for spring break. The Bellagio was a must-see, and a week was not enough to be satisfied with all the flashiness that Vegas entails.


Ahh yes, flashbacks to the time UP told us that we are in a pandemic and gave us 3 days to book a ticket home. A bittersweet feeling of going home to be with family but leaving the college life behind. Little did we know what was in store for us.


When we were quarantined at home with a whole island lockdown, we had nothing else to do but work out, watch Lion King, and make whipped coffee. I can recite all of Chloe Ting’s workouts on command, and it’s safe to say that I did not get “ABS IN 2 WEEKS!”.


I finished my freshman year of college (not exactly how I wanted it), but definitely a memorable one. I was able to get the grades I wanted and I was able to sleep in again without 5am zoom calls.


A dynamic shift in the world when George Floyd’s case happened and the Black Lives Matter protests erupted. All of a sudden, people were all in conflict over human rights and politics, and it will forever be recorded in the history books. (For my defense, this backlash should have been happening way before today instead of staying complacent)



Portland on July 24th- I wish I was there to join this protest but I’m glad that Portland was able to get together even a month later to stand up for what’s right. Most definitely a powerful moment caught on camera, I had to retweet.


Literally me when realizing that 8am classes are actually 5am HST. I love UP and all, but this gif is me trying to wake up in the morning for a Physical Science class.


I had to add this song onto my timeline because when I think about September, I think about repeating this song over and over again. Spotify really said this is my number 1 played song for 2020, and for good reason because Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion are goddesses and geniuses.


Birthday month! This is a picture of what I would want my birthday party to look like if only we weren’t in a global pandemic 🙂 Nonetheless, I was able to spend it with my friends and family (safely), and it was more fun than I expected.


November, my favorite month of 2020. I felt like the most stable- I was doing good in school, I had a steady job, and a good gym routine. I was especially proud of my accomplishments made at the gym. I was in the best shape of my life and it was so rewarding.


December was a tough month where everything changed. My family got into an accident and I fractured my femur, forcing me to learn how to walk again. Everything can change so fast and so easily, so to say I’m savoring how good 2020 was before December 24th, is an understatement.

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