Class 10: Teach with Book Creator

Featured image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

In this class we will explore Book Creator – a simple tool for creating awesome digital books. Create your own teaching resources or have your students take the reins. Combine text, shapes, images, audio and video to make a book that can be viewed online or printed out. There is a paid iPad app, but you can also use the free online version in Safari or Chrome browser.

With a free account, you can get 1 library and create up to 40 books to use in your classroom. There’s no cost per student, and there’s no limit on the number of students that can join a teacher’s library. Also you can delete unused books and keep going.

For this lesson, you should log into Book Creator Online and sign up for a free Teacher Account.

It’s a very easy app to use. Start a new book. I recommend a Landscape 4:3 Comic book. Looks good on computer screen and you to get comic elements even if you don’t use a comic book grid. 

Here’s a quick intro to adding media, comic, shapes and backgrounds for your paper.

Assignment 10: Create a Book | Book Design 21-A10

Use Book Creator to make a book and embed in your post. Your book could either be a resource for students to use or a model for books students would make. Or you might want to make something to share with parents. 

Have fun with it. Tell a story or create a lesson or resource for students. You could convert your Google site or re-purpose some of you previous posts into a book.

  • Embed your finished book into a WordPress post that includes a written description of the audience and purpose of your book.  
  • As always, be sure to include a featured image and clever title for your post.

The book should be a minimum of 8-10 pages. Try a variety of content:

  • Text, shapes, sticker, backgrounds.
  • Photos: your own or from the built in public domain search
  • Google map, video and a recording
  • Embedded content from another source (for example a pre or post quiz on a Google form)


The video below takes you through how to add content to book, how to “publish” and get an embed code to use with WordPress “Custom HTML” Block. 

Jump to 4:17 to see how to get embed code.
Then paste code into “Custom HTML”
Ignore my HTML Snippets comment at the end

Left: Screen shot of presentation settings

Below left: sample embedded book with lots of ideas. You’ll see how it displays online with page flips. Below right: Guide to embedding content from other sources.

For inspiration click image link below to go to a whole library
of books made with Book Creator

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