Class 12: Google Hackathon

In today’s class we will explore the ever-changing world of Google apps for education. I’ve created a Google site with a section devoted to Google tools – docs, forms, MyMaps, slides, sites and more. After spending some time exploring the resources, students will have the chance to create an activity using a Google app. Assignments […]

Class 10: Teaching with Data Visualizations

Quite often edtech tools are used by the teacher rather than the students and don’t do much more than make things prettier. Think: Teacher at Smartboard as replacement for the overhead. New digital technologies allows us to “see” information in new ways. Think: Students analyzing text using Wordle Many apps and websites can be a great tool to introduce the research […]

Class 8: Flip content means more time for student interaction

Introduction From Are We Innovating, or Just Digitizing Traditional Teaching? “A few months ago, I noticed an increased amount of discussion around the notion of blended learning. Many of these conversations started on a similar note: “We’re blended—all of our teachers use Google Classroom.” However, in probing further, I often discovered that these tools had merely […]

Class 6: Screencasting Techniques

We will open our class with a student updates on their progress on our critical thinking design project and agree to some firm due dates. Then we will turn our attention to a new skill – screencasting. Screencasting / Slidecasting Edtech guru, Kathy Schrock defines screencasting as “the capture of the action on a computer screen […]

Assignment: Find, Curate, Store

This assignment follows Class 2 – Jan 26: Digital literacy It will give us a chance to explore a few digital literacy skills – finding, curation,  storage and responsibly sharing non-copyright material. To hone our digital literacy skills, we will explore effective search techniques with a focus on finding public domain or Creative Commons licensed content: including images, video, and audio. […]

Assignment: First blog post

HOMEWORK for Jan 19 Task 1:  For your first blog post write a reflection on your use of edtech and where you hope to go with it. The post is due by midnight Sunday Jan 22. Read student responses here. Students can access our YouTube Playlist for assistance with WordPress. For specific prompts consider some of these (just some ideas […]