Edtech Teacher Meme

Hello Class. I hope you enjoy my meme. I’m looking forward to the many new technology tools that will be taught in this course. As a teacher it is important to use technology as a tool in the classroom. There are many useful tools in technology that were created for students and teaching and learning specifically. Technology is a great tool to engage students in lessons, allow student collaboration on work and projects, access to a wide variety of educational tools, resources, programs and many other forms of education enrichment.

Always Have a Back-Up Meme

Technology is a wonderful tool to use in the classroom. Especially in today’s society, I think the use of technology is essential. However, incorporating technology comes with the possibility of technical difficulties. The wifi could be slow, the computer could crash, there could be a blackout, etc. In any of these situations, you don’t want to find yourself with 25 kids and alternate activity. Which is why it’s so important to always have a back-up plan. Or in this case a back-up meme.

Growth Mindset

meme about the growth that can come from learning new technology

This meme is all about the growth that will (hopefully!) happen over the course of this semester as we all learn about the new tech tools that we can use in our classroom. Soon we will leave build on our “rusty” old tools, until we have “shiny” new skills! Enjoy!


When the teacher doesn’t want technology but it keeps you more engaged

This MEME is meant to signify the fact that while many teachers are against adding technology into the classroom because of personal issues with it. It can actually be a great tool to keep students engaged in what is being taught as well as making lessons interactive.