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I worked with the adobe spark video app and here are some of the pros and cons I found from navigating the app:


There is not a lot extra options for people to play with so this would be a really good app for people who are just learning how to use a video presentation app. There is also a section to find free photos that you don’t have to worry about copyrights. You are also able to add some background music that they have also supplied and it is categorized by genre which also don’t have to worry about copyrights with or you can upload your own. You are also able to add characters similar to an emoji  but with only black coloring. You are also able to overlay your own voice into the slides very easily to individual parts. There are also templates that you can choose from to help start your project and give some ideas or you can start from scratch and make whatever you want. You can take your own pictures in the app as well and then add them straight into your presentation as well. What is really nice if that you can use this on a phone, tablet or computer and you can access any of your work from any of the devices.


This app is very limiting on creativity. There are only a few themes/fonts that you can use when you are writing which can be frustrating if you are looking for a certain look.  The free music and photos are limiting if you are looking for something specific. The app is harder to find some of the features than if you were using a computer. There is also a limit of 10 seconds per page (which some people may find to be a pro) and a limit of 1 character or piece of writing that you can use per slide. I also could not find a way to shrink my writing or move it around unless you change the layout but that was still limiting. You are unable to take videos in the app like you can with the pictures, they must already be on the device you are using. There are also not free videos that you can use which I find interesting since it is advertised as a video app.

Overall I think that it is a good app but it is limiting on what you can add and how creative you can get with the information on each slide.

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  1. Jordyn,
    Thanks for this informative review! I like how you organized it with pros and cons it was really helpful. Nice job!

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