Using Ed-Tech In The Classroom

By: Austin Gray


  • Sharing fellow colleagues how to use technology in the classroom. Specifically looking at Sway, Popplet, and ThingLink
  1. target audience
    1. Coworkers/Colleagues in your school/department
  2. subject of lesson
    1. Technology in the Classroom
  3. instructional goal (what do you want students to know or be able to do)
    1. Learn the to use the technology presented.
  4. technology being used
    1. ThingLink, Sway, Popplet
  5. how technology supports instructional goal
    1. Colleagues are going to follow along and take notes as I present the material to them. They will take notes on how these different technology applications can be used for presenting to their students, as well as which ones would be good for students to do in groups or alone.

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