The Art of the Pen:

1. Writing a Book Report

Reading is a fun way to learn new things, expand your vocabulary and maybe most importantly to exercise your imagination! There are times that you have to read for school, and they may not be the most fun but they don’t have to be negative experiences! You can still have fun with a book report.

Start off by reading the book

  • Read the book in a comfortable place
  • Take notes on things that surprise you
  • Imagine you are the hero of the story
  • Remember how you feel as you read the story

Now that you have read the book, time to write your report.

When you begin writing refer to any notes you took, and try to remember how the book made you feel. Were you bored? Excited? With those memories of the book in your mind start to write:

  • What was the main plot of the book?
  • Who are the main characters?
  • What did you like about the book?
  • What did you dislike about the book?
  • Would you recommend the book to your friends?

Finishing touches

Now that you have written out your thoughts on the book, take some time to be creative! Draw a picture of your favorite scene in the book, or maybe make a collage from magazines that remind you of a character, or scene and add that to the report as a cover!

2. Create a story

You have read other people’s stories, some you liked, others you may not have liked. So now it is time to write your own story! Will there be dragons? Maybe car races! Your story can be anything that you find fun and exciting!

Come up with an idea

Think about other stories you have read, or maybe have done book reports on. What about them was interesting? You can use those ideas to begin your own story! Did you read a book about super heroes, and you think it would be fun to write about being a super hero? Great, write about super heroes!

Layout your story

Every story starts with a beginning, how does yours start? After that there is a middle, where all the action takes place. What do you want in a story, is there a superhero battle with a super villain? Finally your story needs an ending! Did the hero win? Did the princess slay the dragon?


What better way to finish off a story than with a good illustration! Pick a part in your story that you think is the best part, and draw how you see it. Maybe you want to just draw the main character, that’s ok too. Think of all of the books you have read, and how the covers looked, how the illustrations inside looked as well. Do any inspire you?

4 Replies to “The Art of the Pen:”

  1. Nicely done. A very supportive and engaging way to guide students through the writing process. Lots of scaffolding prompts to guide students. It does a fine job of elevating the “book report” from a flat summary to a more personal reaction.

    BTW: I’ve been in the bookstore in your featured image (which should get a credit) The Last Bookstore in downtown LA. Uses book stack as architectural elements.

  2. Hi Adamm, I really like the way you laid out this post! It’s very easy to read and engage with, so I’m sure students would be able to follow along nicely. I also like how you include illustrations! That’s a great way to engage visual learners as well

  3. Adamm! I really enjoy the way that you used images throughout your post. Instead of feeling forced, it breaks up your post really nicely and aesthetically.

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