Save Our Planet: Video Recap!

I have create a video through Adobe Spark to help 3rd graders learn more about saving the environment. I would ideally use this as a summary video after the main lesson. It would help students remember the main points of what they can do to help the environment. I would even post this on the classroom website for parents to see what their child has been learning in class.

I thoroughly enjoyed making my video on Adobe Spark because of the simple layout and easy tools. However, because it has such a simple layout, it can be tricky to make the video more personal and customizable. You would really need to play around with the different formats of each clip to make it look more unique. I did enjoy that Adobe Spark has copyright free images that you can import into the video, it makes it much easier than finding your own images.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

3 Replies to “Save Our Planet: Video Recap!”

  1. Solid recommendations that kids will “get.” Especially with the strong images that reinforce the message. Like the bluesy sound track. Good choice!

  2. Kali,
    I love this video you have created. This is a great way to engage students, especially with the important messages with each slide.

  3. I really loved the whole vibe of your video! It was simple yet detailed enough to give kids a reason to do all of the recommended things

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