Your Portal to my Mind! Well…. Some of it anyway.

By Dominic Nouwens

The last year has brought drastic change to my life, with a lot of things worth remembering and reflecting on, and others not as much. Below I will take you through some highlights of my year through a series of different media.


One joy of this year is that I have been able to experience and engage with a plethora of new music. Since I was young I have always been drawn to the artistry that people create with instruments and their voices alike. Listed below are some of my favorite tracks that I have been groovin with:

Social Media

This year I finally decided to shut down my Facebook and Instagram as I found myself falling into the vortex of consuming post after post until my brain quite literally stopped comprehending the content I was force feeding it. Fortunately for the world I made my return to the Twitter verse and was welcomed back with open arms. Below are some posts, articles, and/or words that I felt impacted me so much that I would like to share with you all!

What is Dom watching?

As many of us were stuck at home attempting to find ways to keep ourselves entertained, I would be wrong to not include some of my favorite shows, movies, and overall watches that I couldn’t get enough of! Below are some gifs taken from some visual media I consumed in 2020. If you are looking for a challenge, try and guess which shows/movies these are from!

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