National Parks

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

This lesson is for 4th graders. For this lesson, students will be writing a persuasive piece on why the government should open and protect more national parks. Students will be given time to research what makes a national park and how many we already have in the US. Students will have to pick a park as their example and explain why we need more places like it.

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What do you see? Do we have a lot of National Parks?

Today you will be doing research on the national parks and why they were created. You can look and choose from the map. if you click on the makers, you can see pictures from the actual park. You will choose one park and do research on it. You need to find at least 5 facts about the park. When you have written down the 5 facts, you will write a paragraph on why this park is important and special.

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  1. Justin, good idea for a map based lesson. The map helps students orient location of parks and gives them a launch point to do more research. Assigning a persuasive essay is good prompt and students should be able to find facts on a park and support their position.

    Two corrections. You link to the map, but you should get an embed code for it at Proxi and use with a WordPress Custom HTML block to have it function properly.

    Also your image appears in the post. You delete from there and use same image as your featured image.

    If you need help with either task, I can assist.

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