My Home: Hillsboro, OR

I’m from the land of trees and rain,
Where the sun shines and the sand is gray,
Where the ocean is cold on the warmest day,
And the seasons change again and again.

Summers are warm and mostly dry.
My hometown has a parade every Fourth of July.
Fall can be wet, sometimes hot, but mainly cold.
The leaves become orange, red, and gold.
Winter comes without warning,
Bringing rain and sometimes snow day mornings.
Spring prolongs Winter’s rain showers,
Knowing that soon it will coax up the flowers.

Outside was always the best place to play,
With five other siblings having fun each day.
Backyard or front yard, the park or at home,
With a big enough family, you never have to play alone.

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Commentary on Microsoft Sway
I found Micrsoft Sway easy to use. I liked being able to add images as well as videos. I did notice that the videos take longer to load, but I think that is to be expected with larger media files. I also had fun picking out different themes and pairing them with the presentation style (vertical, horizontal, or slides). One thing I wish I could have done was take the theme that was given and change the location of the words. There were maybe three or four themes that I would have liked to use, but the location of the title covered up my mom’s face on the title slide. I couldn’t figure out how to shift the text’s location, so I ended up changing themes instead.

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2 Replies to “My Home: Hillsboro, OR”

  1. Hi Lydia! I SO agree with you on moving the location of words, I think that it would be more personable if we could move the words around, since we’re able to shift the focus for images. Very cute post, it felt like going through a photo album!

  2. Lydia, a lovely poem and great visual presentation. You capture the variety of weather here – sun, rain and sometime snow (like today).

    Great job with Sway. (I handled the embed). Not sure if there are work arounds. Nicole makes the point of changing focal point. But not sure that will always be enough re-alignment. I’ll look into options on text location.

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