Ms. P from 2033!

April 12, 2033

Hi Ms. P! Or Nicole, Or Coe-Coe, or however I should address myself from 10 years ago!

Man, time flies! You graduated in 2023 with your bachelor’s, and graduated from PACE in 2025! It truly felt like an amazing, but obviously stressful journey. After graduating with your bachelors, PACE really put you through the ringer. Though everybody was supportive, I totally understand why you were so nervous. Crowd control is very different once you’re the main teacher in the classroom, but PACE really was the best choice for you. There were so many community aspects, like going on hikes and going out to eat with fellow teachers, that helped you make friends and other connections, to try new things, and to truly get to know yourself as a person and teacher.

I understand that you may even be struggling now, since at this time you’ll be wrapping up your year. It gets better. The only way to see the prettiest sunsets its to trek through the hardest hills sometimes, but I promise it gets better 🙂

It’s great to know that you’ll have plenty of students that love you. Here are some mementos from when you were in school that I’ve kept this whole time! Even if you don’t remember the students, they might remember you and your smiling face helping out in their classes.

This is part of what kept you going from the start, and this is what keeps you going 🙂 they are the SWEETEST and your kiddos to this day are still the sweetest. Anyways, I don’t wanna spoil your future too much, but since I don’t care about spoilers in anime/games/books/anything else, I’ll let you in on some super secret future stuff.

First thing, you’re still filing your taxes as single. You aren’t necessarily dating, or single, or living with your partner, but you’re still filing taxes as single. That’s your only hint, so stop worrying about your love life! One of my favorite qualities about you have been that you love others so easily, but one lesson you’ll learn is that when you love yourself first, you’ll be much happier.

You’re teaching where you don’t feel cold. Honestly, it’s hard to not want to live in Oregon, but there was nothing tying you to Oregon anymore and there’s great opportunities. It’s really amazing to leave the house and not be so cold, and to see sunshine pretty frequently. That’s definitely a mood-booster throughout the hard weeks and hard months. A dip in the pool is also very nice, I can’t forget about that. There’s been so many new connections made through work as well. Just you wait. I know it’s hard to make friends, and you’re slightly insecure about making friends because you’ve moved schools a lot as a kid. Don’t worry about it. You’ve got a good heart, and people see that.

You’ve always had a great start. No matter how imposter-syndrome-y you feel, your parents worked hard for you to be where you are, and you’ve also made efforts to feel like you belong. You deserve every bit of it. Don’t let your insecurities get the better of you.

By now, you’ve also done a few good bucket list things! Let’s just say it’s a good thing you waited and you’ve sat on those ideas for longer than you initially wanted to, those HURT.

I’ll leave you with some other feelings of nostalgia. Enjoy, don’t cry too hard because of all the feelings, you’ve done that too much already in your lifetime.

Honestly, I’m not sure what other advice I’d give ya. You’re doing great, keep working hard through everything and everything will fall into place 🙂

-Nicole Pagtakhan

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