Jamboard: Decimals and Base Ten Exit Ticket

Context: Exit Ticket
After 5th graders have a Math lesson on reviewing decimals (writing them, reading them, and making them using base ten blocks), the teacher can use a Jamboard Exit Ticket to check for student understanding.

Instructions for Students:
1.) Please open this Jamboard link.
2.) Click on the three dots at the top right of the page (next to the blue “Share” button).
3.) Click on “Make a copy.”
4.) Please answer all the questions.
5.) Once you’re finished, please click on the blue “Share” button and share it with the teacher’s email address before leaving class.

Use this hyperlink

This Jamboard can help students meet the goal of understanding how to write, read, and make decimals using base ten blocks because it helps them check-in with their progress or understanding on achieving these goals.
Depending on which page(s) students get incorrect, the teacher can also use this data to guide instruction for the next Math class to make progress toward these goals.

Featured Imagephoto by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

3 Replies to “Jamboard: Decimals and Base Ten Exit Ticket”

  1. Hi Brie this a great use of Jamboard to provide an exit ticket and would help make sure students understand how to use the base ten blocks and how to write it in decimal form!

  2. Very clear instructions. I like that you have included specifics for the students to access, manipulate, then share back with the teacher. Thoughtful way to check for understanding at the end of the lesson.

  3. Hi Brie! This is a wonderful activity! Your instructions are very clear to follow and easy to understand. I also love the visuals included to help support different learning styles!

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