I’m From the Central Valley

I am from the dirt, 
from mud smeared on my hands and face to
cracked and dry soil piled into a toy dump truck.
I am from swirling dust that kicks up as I slide across home plate.  

I am from water,
or rather lack thereof. 
I am from lucky summer days spent under a sprinkler,
pretending to make shampoo out of flowers,
and then retiring to my room with a fan to fend off 110° heat. 

I am from car horns honking 
as people scramble through 7 lanes, 
all with the simple goal of getting to their destination. 
From those who didn’t always understand
that everyone was just trying their best. 

I am from small trinkets and collections.
From every brand of sugar packet I could find
and perfectly organized bookshelves ordered by color and alphabet.

The smallest smells, sounds, sights, and feelings
will remind me of where I’m from.

I chose Microsoft Sway because it seemed more intuitive and I am more used to Microsoft tools. The way everything flows together feels less formal than a traditional slideshow and fitting for a simpler website. It’s also convenient that it saves in OneDrive which makes it a lot easier to access and keep track of.

Featured Image by Vista Wei on Unsplash.

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