Ideas for Final iBook!

After a long, wonderful semester of learning about technology in the classroom and a variety of applications that can be used inside and outside the classroom to foster creativity, discussion, and collaboration, I think we should make our final book project be an iBook titled: “A Teacher’s Guide to Technology.” The iBook would be a larger compilation of everything we have explored over the past semester that could be used in our future teaching careers as a reference, as well as a guide for current teachers who are navigating the technological world at this moment. Due to the fact that technology is constantly changing, our book may only be useful for a couple of years, but being able to see all of our work and exploration come together in a shared book could be pretty special for everyone.

In the book, pairs or individuals would create a chapter or section explaining each, or the majority of the applications in depth, from Adobe Spark, to Toontastic. Each pair or person could explain some pros and cons to the application, talk about how they used it (and perhaps include examples that they made), and write a hypothetical lesson plan using the technology! We could do an entire section on “video” and manipulating video, as well as presentations, class activities, creativity, etc. I have loved seeing the past iBooks and I think this could be a cool representation of what we have been doing the past semester!

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