iBook Proposal Idea

For our final class project, I agree with the idea we talked about in class about creating an iBook together that highlights all that we have learned, created, and explored. This iBook could serve as a resource for us as future educators and our co-teachers, students, and parents. In this iBook, each of us as students in the class would take one app or program we have learned about and write a description as well as a demonstration or lesson plan utilizing your program. For example, one person may screencast how to use mymaps in a lesson while someone else may explain how to use toontastic. We have covered enough apps that if everyone can cover one app if we work individually or two apps potentially if we work in pairs.

In this iBook, authors can use the many tools we have learned and integrate them into the iBook – either by directly embedding it into the book or creating a screencast that can be embedded showing us how the app can be used. Once the iBook is done, teachers can use the resource to quickly understand what technology tool to use for a given task, while also receiving a summary of how to best use the technology in the classroom with our students. Students and parents could use this resource to gain a better understanding of how technology is being used in the classroom and can be very helpful for parents feeling connected to what is happening in the classroom.

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