I Am From Oʻahu

I am from a place
that you can drive around in a single day,
where everyone knows everyone
from the mountains to the bay.

I am from the middle of the Pacific Ocean,
where beaches are the best spot
and the lowest average temperature
is still considered hot.

I am from an island
that people travel to by plane,
and where the sun shines
even in the pouring rain.

I am from a valley.
where trade winds roam,
many family gatherings are held,
and where I’ll always call home.

The app I used was Microsoft Sway. I liked this app because there was an image search feature so I could upload non-copyright images straight through the site. I found it a little difficult to design the images with the text how I wanted them, but there were lots of different suggestions from Sway. Overall, the site was easy to understand and use.

One Reply to “I Am From Oʻahu”

  1. Ashely, a lovely and heartfelt poem. You used Sway effectively to illustrate it. What a place to call home. Lucky you! I imaging winters here must be quite a contrast

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