How to make Oobleck

I created an Adobe Spark Video about how to make Oobleck. This is a science experiment you can easily do with students. I used this website to make the video because it was easy to navigate and it was also easy to use the narration feature on it. You can add images, change the font and size. You can also edit the format, colour and timing of each ‘slide’.

I think Adobe Spark is a good way to create videos for students. Students can follow along with the video or listen to it as an instruction for a future activity. It would be easy for students to create their own video using this site for any topic, such as science. Overall, I think this is a simple website to use to create simple videos with narration.

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  1. Using AdobeSpark for science instructional videos is such a great application. You could use it to make sure students could demonstrate their knowledge of procedures and steps or to teach them, as you’ve done here. I can also see it being used to tell stories, and in many other ways during the school year!

  2. This is a cool video Megan! I enjoyed learning about oobleck. This is a good tutorial video for kids, and I can tell that the program is very user friendly for students to use. Nice job 🙂

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