Hello Technology My Old Friend

Hello Technology My Old Friend

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Technology Influence

iPads aren't only best for games 
Playing games can put kids minds to flames

Kids can use technology to get smart
Some kids use technology for art

Many teachers use technology to conduct their class 

This helps students succeed 
And pushes them to learn with speed

This is why technology is so good. 
Helping students learn just how they should. 

This poem talks about the ways technology can impact learning as well as teaching. Technology can either serve as a helpful resource or a distraction in the classroom. I believe that the way children choose to use technology in and out of the classroom can influence the way they learn and their interest in learning.

My personal relationship with technology focuses on building deeper connections with my friends and family. I admit, I have found myself falling into the deep, dark hole that is TikTok which can allow me to get distracted from my priorities in the “real world”. On the other hand, I am able to use technology in a way that benefits my personal life. This being, staying in touch with my family, staying updated with friends, and communicating with friends I haven’t talked to in a long time. Even though I can think of a long list of negative impacts technology brings, I am grateful for having technology in my daily life.

3 Replies to “Hello Technology My Old Friend”

  1. Kaelyn, clever poem; Glad to see you try that with Verse block. Your poem and post really speak to the ambivalence about pros and cons of tech. It really is a two ended sword – “games and flames.” It all makes for an insightful post about your “old friend.”

    I moved cross country about 12 years ago. I was an avid FaceBook user and I felt it was essential to keeping connected with hometown friends and family. But about 4-5 years ago, I got fed up with FB’s continual decline into craziness. So I cancelled my account. At first I thought, it would be a great loss. But I found there were many less toxic ways to stay in touch.

  2. Hey Kaelyn! I really liked your poem and I appreciate that you can reflect on the ways that technology has benefitted not only your life but the lives of your future students. There are many ways we can use technology to help students learn and it is nice that we are able to take advantage of these resources.

  3. Hey Kaelyn, I enjoyed reading your post! I especially liked your poem and the rhyming pattern you used. The gif you used at the end was simple and funny and I think it was a good way to tie off your post.

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