Future Classroom Ideas From The Reliable Platform of Tik Tok

Image by AzamKamolov from Pixabay 

Like many other college students, I spend a little too much time scrolling endlessly on Tik Tok. However, if I am learning things whether it’s the news (may or may not be factually correct) or ideas for my future classroom, then it’s totally reasonable and educational. So, I have added a few Tik Toks where teachers show their ideas for their classrooms that I really love and want to implement in mine.


My classroom is done!!! (For now) ✨ what a long 3 days that was #classroom #teacher #vlog #classsetup #elementary

♬ Paint – Trees and Lucy

Some things I like from Miss B’s classroom:

  • Affirmations around the mirror
  • Class jobs
  • Comfy reading corner/library

Also, if you enjoy hearing silly things that students say, she has some videos of “2nd grade quotes” that are pretty funny.


Anyone usually barefoot when kids aren’t in the classroom? (Or even when they are 🤪) #classroom #classroomsetup #teacher #teachersoftiktok #elementaryschool #smallgroupinstruction

♬ I Like You (A Happier Song) – Post Malone

Some things I like from this classroom, specifically stations:

  • Organized bins for each station
  • Directions and groups up on the board
  • Having bonus work for students who may finish early

This one is a little different but I found it super helpful. This teacher found useful items at the dollar tree that they got for obviously only a $1 or I guess its $1.25 nowadays, which is not cool.

I hope you enjoy the Tik Toks!

2 Replies to “Future Classroom Ideas From The Reliable Platform of Tik Tok”

  1. Molly,
    A great idea for TikTok (I’ve avoided TikTok to preserve brain space). Some very cool ideas in there.

    One thing I always loved about teaching was that I could design my own learning space for students. Fun to inject your personality and style. Students love feeling a sense of belonging.

  2. We LOVE teacher tok. I love all these ideas and it really is helpful to see things that actual teachers are doing in their classrooms. At this point I need to make a file for teacher tik toks cause there is no way I’m going to remember everything!

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