Columbia River Gorge

I chose to use Google Tour to showcase a few stops along the Columbia River Gorge. The three places I decided to showcase are the Vista House, Multnomah Falls and The Rowena Crest Trail and Viewpoint. There are several points of interest at each stop.

I chose to use Google Tour because I thought it would work the best for content, but I did have some difficulties. Google Tour can be very limiting because you have to have scenes that Google has good street images of. I found it tricky to find the exact photos with views that I wanted to use. It did seem pretty self-explanatory to use and create a tour though, compared to ThingLink. I thought this was a fun activity, but I think that ThingLink makes more sense to use in a classroom. I think it’s easier for students to use and navigate while learning.

2 Replies to “Columbia River Gorge”

  1. I really like how you showcased the Columbia Rive Gorge with the beautiful pictures! I also used this tool, and had the same trouble as you with finding pictures of the exact thing I wanted. But it was very nice to read and look at!

  2. This is a really cool way to give a virtual tour. I could see myself doing this to students before a field trip to show them what they should look forward to.

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