All About Agricultire!

Target: 5th grade science!

Standard: 5-ESS3-1. Obtain and combine information about ways individual communities use science ideas to protect the Earth’s resources and environment.

  • Human activities in agriculture, industry and everyday life have had major effects on the land, vegetation, streams, ocean, air, and even outer space. But individuals and communities are doing things to help protect Earth’s resources and environments.

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This lesson is the first in a unit all about human impact on the environment! This first lesson is specifically about human impact on our land. Once the teacher introduces the goals for the lesson, they will allow students access to this interactive science notebook that all students will download as a copy to edit! The teacher will provide students time to start working on steps 1-4 independently. When all students are ready to move to step 5, the teacher will begin the apple demonstration and students will fill in the pie chart! Once the demonstration is over, students will collaborate to answer step 5. Once all students finish and the time is up, students will complete an exit ticket by answering the question on the last page!

Instructional goal:

While completing this lesson, I want students to have a clear spot for all of their information and an example of what a clear, concise notebook should look like. I want students to be able to independently follow the steps and work on steps 1-4 by themselves (unless they have specific needs where this cannot happen – then the teacher will create an alternate plan where they can work with one buddy). Students should be able to take notes, create a hypothesis, and be critical thinkers!

Why BookCreator?

I really loved learning how to use BookCreator this semester. In my current field experience class, I notice that students do a lot of work (note-taking, assignments, etc.) on various apps, but it is all so inconsistent and disorganized. I also notice that the students really struggle to format all of the things that they need to do in a way that is helpful for them in the future to look back on, or even to complete later. I chose to use BookCreator to create a science journal for students so that they have a clear place to put all of their work, and everything that we do that day is all there for them. I think that this is also great because it provides a lot of resources for students who are absent that day, and the teacher only has to show a video of the apple demonstration to them and alter the group conversation. I love how you can embed different materials into this website so that the teacher does not have to scramble to print out and pass out tons of worksheets!

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  1. Kate – Great idea to use Book Creator to make an interactive book. It both delivers information to students, and gives them an opportunity to share what they have learned. Especially strong reflections on your part – demonstrates both your understand of challenges students face organizing and retrieving information. And your realization that apps can improve teachers work flow when presenting information to students

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