Adobe Spark Example: “Snow Day”

It only takes a minute to learn how to use adobe spark video as they provide an instructional video when you sign up and each time you log on if you need. This can be a great resource for teachers to create slide shows, presentations, as well as an activity and technological resource that students can take advantage of for creative projects and literacy lessons. You can record your voice that plays during designated slides so it is easy to tell a story with adobe spark. Students could create their own read aloud or write their own story and type out parts of it on the slides with corresponding images they have found or created and then voice over the entire story for their audience.

I created “Snow Day” as a simple example of what is possible in a short amount of time with the website and demonstrated the use of the sites pre created themes and templates as well as background music for the story.

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  1. Hey Heidi! I really enjoyed watching the short video you put together. You really demonstrated how you can make something wonderful from an app that’s so simple!

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