A Boy and His Dog

This video was made using Adobe Spark Video. It is a lighthearted story about a boy and a dog. This program is helpful for teachers looking to make fun and informational videos for the classroom.

The only struggle I had when using this program was the limitation on picture options. I would suggest having all of the pictures on your desktop, instead of trying to look them up within the program. I do like the feature of adding music to make the video more engaging to the audience.

3 Replies to “A Boy and His Dog”

  1. I love the story that you told through this video! Students can make a video about relationships that they have with their pets too, which is what I love! And this video is super cute to watch! Great job(:

  2. I really like this app and the music definitely makes it more engaging. Students in my class love to be read to on computers and these apps can be really helpful if we ever want to make our own stories to teach a lesson or help a student learn.

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