Students Publish “Tech Tips for Teachers”

Here’s our final course showcase iBook – Tech Tips for Teachers – available free at iTunes. You can see our book as a PDF: Tech Tips for Teachers 14mb pdf. Tech Tips for Teachers from Peter Pappas In their first lesson students were introduced to Adobe Spark post and asked to design a meme and use it […]

Class 12: Get Started with iBooks Author

This week we will spend some time looking at Apple’s versatile publishing app –  iBooks Author (iBA). We will then begin the process of designing a showcase book to be published on iTunes. Click here to see my many student-designed iBooks on iTunes. Building on what we’ve already done, iBA can easily accept audio, video […]

Fight Fake News with Critical Thinking

Lessons in Critical Thinking is now available free at iTunes. It includes critical thinking lessons in science, math, literature and media literacy. During our discussion of digital literacy and “Fake News,” we realized that our middle and high school level students need more practice in the critical evaluation of information. Using some of our favorite edtech […]

Class 14: Working with iBooks Author

Digital technologies have put us in charge of the information we access, store, analyze and share.  Creating an iBook harnesses those motivational factors into an engaging learning experience. The ease of distribution across the world (via iTunes) means students can communicate with a broader, and more authentic audience than just their teacher and class peers. This week […]