What would I even use this for?

So Screencasting is something that I kinda sorta knew existed but never really bothered with it. Well, I finally bothered with it! I decided to mess around with Screencasting by teaching how to navigate a scientific research database. Looking back on my Biology Minor I really wish that one of my professors had told me how to navigate different research websites. Because of that it became my focus for practicing screencasting. Overall it was pretty intuitive on how to use it. In the beginning there is a bit of noise in the background so if I continue to use this I might want to invest in some sort of microphone.

My challenges are currently a lack of technology in my classroom. However in an ideal world I could see a couple uses for screencasting. I could teach my students how to use different applications like quizlet or edmodo which I both implement in my classroom. I could also show them different reliable and safe science websites.  By giving the students access to these videos they will be much more safe online and be exposed to routines that I implement in the classroom. This could free up valuable classroom instruction time, definitely a benefit!

I feel that I have only recently been exposed to screencasting so I really do not know all the opportunities that it could have for my future classroom but I plan on finding out!

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  1. First off. Sorry that my voice was bleeding into the background. Grr. We should have been more spread out. That aside, I thought you did a great job describing the the process and guiding the viewer through each step. Good job highlighting content with mouse to focus viewers attention.

    I’m pleased you had this realization “This could free up valuable classroom instruction time, definitely a benefit!” That’s really the key to flipped and blended instruction. What can you do with the class time you free up to by using video transfer of instruction?

    PS – two small points. Your image credit still links to old image (need to update that) and the image itself is only 150 x 150 pixels. ( Is there a larger version to substitute?)

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