What was your Space Jam?

April 20, 2033

Dear former me,
It seems like only yesterday, I was at UP.  It was the spring term, 2023. 

So much has happened since then …

You had the most amazing and crazy first year out of college. Getting married, starting active duty, and getting deployed gave you a whole new perspective on life. The first year after UP gave you a lot of challenges but you were UP for them. You never forgot the resilience and determination that you had developed in your former days. You accepted challenges and let them mold you into the man that you are today.

The next few years were full of adventure. A new life in the Springs left all paths to be ventured. Skiing, biking, and golfing throughout, there was never a dull day. The day without kids in marriage were full of fun and spontaneity. Being a junior officer was keeping your life full, but enjoyable. There was never a day were you didn't have to work hard, but it was worth it. Developing your subordinates, educating them, and leaving a lasting impact on those you met in Army was all so worth it.

The last five years is where all the fun really happened. I wish I could tell you where you lived or how many kids you have or if you're still in the Army or a classroom, but those are joys that only you get to know. Whatever the answer to those questions are know that you never stopped enjoying the little moments in life and tried to leave a lasting impact on all that you interacted with. 

The past ten years have been more unpredictable than I could ever imagine, but I know you have enjoyed it. Here is to you and all that you've done.

Congrats, I wonder what your Space Jam was.

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