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The idea behind my Sway was to use it as an interactive brochure type of thing. My example is an interactive brochure of Portland, Oregon and my students would have the task of creating their own brochure for one of the major cities across the US. Students would be required to include a brief introduction to their city, where it is located, some history behind the city, popular attractions of the city, and then whatever fun facts that want to include. I think my students would have fun with this because it gives them the chance to demonstrate their knowledge in whatever way they find interesting to them whether that means including Gifs, or videos, or even potentially a my map to show of the city they are studying. This allows students to put their own personal spin on the classical brochure while still demonstrating to the teacher that they can collect the necessary information to create an informational presentation about their city.

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  1. A great idea for a student assignment. And you example serves as an inspiration. Lots of fun Sway tools for you and your students to explore. Lots more interactive than the old paper version. Well done!

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