To my future self…

Dear past self,

It is now August 2033  and 15 years have past since I was in college, enrolled in EdTech Methods at the University of Portland just beginning to learn all the amazing technological tools available at the time to teach my students. My teaching career has been going great but you won’t believe how much education has changed yet stayed the same. Technology is everyone in the classroom and students have the same enthusiasm as they did when I started this journey to learn about new technology. Virtual reality has become the new popular tech item in the classroom for all subjects but especially reading, allowing students to immerse themselves in the story really living and taking in the story. Students really enjoy using virtual reality as it makes the learning more engaging and fun for students. One to one with technology is still very prevalent in the classroom however the technology has become even more advanced. All computers are now touch-screen and detachable from the keyboards so they can be used as tablets or computers. Students use their one to one devices for everything to save paper and to be able to review class as it will be able to be video recorded and automatically uploaded to students devices.

The thing I would say to you if I could go back in time and give you advice is to not be afraid of technology as it can be a very powerful tool that can create a new exciting and engaging way to teach your students. Learn everything you can about technology as it comes up and never be afraid to try new technology or new programs, be open to learning yourself and never assume you know more than your students, if your students know more than you than learn from them and grow from their knowledge. Use the technology to allow your students to create new and exciting ways to present their knowledge to the class.


Your future self

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