Teacher Time Capsule!

Hello! My name is Nicole Pagtakhan and I like saving memories, so this first post will be about me as a student and things I’ll want to look back on or might want to use when I’m a teacher!

Favorite song at the moment…

Here’s the original so you don’t have to look for it <3
Field experience!
  • Ockley Green | Mr. Toole’s math 6th grade
  • Astor Elementary | Miss Jessica’s 4th & 5th grade
  • Terra Linda Elementary | Mrs. Craft’s 3rd grade, Mrs. Piper’s 2nd grade, Mrs. Westeyn’s 2nd grade, Mrs. Taefy-Cross’s 3rd grade

Quotes from some students (& my thoughts)

“Your drawings are trash, have you seen my comic book?”

– 6th grader

He opened up a binder full of hand-drawn comic books, and I was so impressed! This was on my first day too :))

“Is that Rihanna?”

– 6th grader

The teacher likes using celebrities and animals in his mood meter check-in. It was Beyonce.

“Can I teach you how to tap dance?”

– 3rd grader

I didn’t understand the pattern for a while and she looked frustrated while I was figuring it out HAHA I’m still a learner too!

*Explaining Rainbow Friends on Roblox to me because they were trying to recreate it for me to ‘play’*

– at least two 2nd graders at the same time

I hadn’t heard of it before and I’d been playing a lot of games on Roblox with friends so this piqued my interest

“You play Roblox?!”

– 2nd grader

It’s SO funny when they find out I play video games, they’re so surprised!

*future classroom inspiration*
I’d use this to know how they’re feeling regularly throughout the day, and make sure to speak with students one-on-one if I see they need help.
I love how cozy this looks! I’ve seen teachers buying Squishmallows for their reading corners too and that’s going to be my excuse to buy them >:)

How the hypes began? Daily age appropriate advice and affirmations for my 5th/7th graders. This is #sel #socialemotionallearning #growthmindset #class #students #parents #wholesome

♬ You Found Me – Instrumental Pop Songs
I love the idea of hypes, but personally I want a shorter one. I love the message in this one though!

Thanks for reading my post!

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  1. Nicole, Interesting to see your variety of placements. Good that you’ve seen some different sponsor teaching styles. Your student comments are cute. I like your thoughts on each.

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