Sneaky Silent ‘e’

E Image by Greg Rosenke

Description of BookCreator Book: Great book for first graders! This book is all about silent ‘e’ and how it changes the sound of short vowels to long vowels. The purpose of this book is to help students practice recognizing when the silent ‘e’ is in a word. It is also great to read to students who struggle with spelling of certain words that include silent ‘e’.

4 Replies to “Sneaky Silent ‘e’”

  1. Hi Kaelyn! This is such an important concept and I love the idea of making it into a book to help students. Your book is also so engaging! You had great photos and graphics and I could see students not even realizing how much they are learning because it is such a fun story. Great job!

  2. Kaelyn, this is outstanding. Great demo of BookCreator. Your text and graphics are excellent and make for a fun read. You should be very proud of this.

    PS: Doesn’t your name have a “Sneaky Silent ‘e’”?

  3. Kaelyn! I loved your book, it was so nice to look at and such a cool idea for a lesson using Book Creator. I can see how this would be so engaging for other students. So cool, good job!

  4. Kaelyn! This book was awesome and so cute! I love the way you executed it and made it like a little game for students. I would love to use this in my future classroom!

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