Screencasting example Bri Ponzetti

My screencast was an example of sending a homework assignment home with kids and this video explanation would be sent out to parents along with a link to the video students are expected to watch to complete the activity. This specific activity would include watching a short news segment video and then completing a graphic organizer that differentiates what students heard in the video that they think was fact and what they heard that they thought was an opinion. The goal would be that we would then have a discussion the next day about the difference between fact and opinion, and we would eventually be using this graphic organizer to write an opinion writing piece. I think screencasting to create little videos like this can be a great tool for students to use to keep parents up to date with what their students are learning in class and also what we are expecting them to complete for homework. Using screencasting allows parents a visual connection of exactly what the teacher is looking for and the level of detail they are looking for.  Another reason I think screencasting can be a useful tool is it allows students to go back and review what they are expected to do in this case or you could use it to give them an example to look too if they are unsure of what to do.

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  1. I think “explainer” videos are so helpful to students who are doing homework and may need guidance. Nicely done.

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