La Nourriture : French Food Visual Dictionary

This is a lesson I will be doing with my seventh graders on Monday as the introduction to our unit on La Nourriture (food). I created a Jamboard with eight slides, containing eight categories of food: fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, grains, desserts, meals, and drinks. Each slide has 8-10 vocabulary words in that category and students will be put into partners to work on one of the slides. They will look up the new words and recall prior knowledge/cognates to find images that represent each vocab word. This will create a visual dictionary for all of the students to access, rather than simply using a direct English-to-French translation format. When the partners are done, they will present their words to the class and teach each other the new terms (with me scaffolding pronunciation, answering questions, and adding cultural context).

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  1. Rachel,
    J’aime cette idee! I tend to be a very visual person so I love that students essentially create their own visual for remembering vocab. Sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right photo 😉
    I also love that you included the gallery with each slide from the Jamboard for a quick overview/reference.

  2. Great lesson idea that shows off what Jamboard does best. Students will enjoy looking for “just the right” image to illustrate each word. They’ll have fun with that. Plus later they can compare their work. Great idea using the slideshow block to display your Jamboard. Clever!

  3. Hi Rachel this seems like such a fun activity it allows students to be able to associate the word with a picture they choose as well it would allow them to increase their use of the web skills!

  4. Hi, Rachel!
    I love your Jamboard activity!! What a clever idea to have students find their own images. I can imagine students thinking of the word in French while searching, so I bet this can really help them remember more vocab! I also agree with what Emma said. I liked how you used the slideshow feature 🙂

  5. Hi Rachel! This is such a great way to get students to start thinking about new vocabulary. Like everyone above, I like how you used the slideshow feature, it really mirrors what it looks like in Jamboard!

  6. Hi Rachel! Wow, I think this activity is so cool! I liked how you put the class in partners to foster interpersonal relationships, and so there is less of a chance for students to move around each other’s work.

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