Iliana’s Technology Guide in The Classroom

Throughout this semester I have learned all the fun and engaging ways to integrate technology into lessons to help facilitate students learning. Below are some of my favorite Word Press posts I’ve created this year and how I incorporated technology into them.

This was one of my first posts using Word Press. It was a Kindergarten/ First-grade science lesson on what plants need to grow. It combined letter recognition with a science lesson. In this Word Press post, I practiced using some of their features like the picture comparisons to help scaffold the students in solving for the missing words.
In this lesson, I showed the powerful tool that AI can bring to the classroom and created a lesson solely by promoting Chat GTP with questions. Although we shouldn’t rely on AI for planning an entire lesson from this post I learned ways it can help brainstorm new ideas and come up with test questions that can be used in an end-of-the-unit or lesson formal assessment.
If you are ever looking for a fun way for a student to bring their poetry or writing alive with images. Microsoft SAwy is your tool! It is easy to navigate the signs and can install transform your student’s writing into a slide show of images either using their own personal pictures or pictures provided through their database.
If you are looking for a fun way to make your one book or to showcase student writing Book Creator is the site for you. You and your students have endless opportunities how to decorate the pages of your books by adding colors, words, stickers, and fun images. As a teacher, you can create a library of all your students’ books and can easily send the link to parents to showcase the work that their students have put in to see other students’ work.
This Word Press post highlights different technology sites like google sites, My Maps, Google Slides Presentation, and Google Forms all in conjunction with a lesson on butterfly migration. It shows different ways you could easily incorporate technology to help further your student’s learning. In this post, you can find a My Maps link to different butterfly sanctuaries, a pre-assessment before the lesson, and instructions for a hands-on butterfly stop activity.

Prior to this semester, I was only aware of a handful of technology tools that can be used in the classroom but now after a semester’s worth of activities I can confidently say that I now have knowledge of so many different sites I can now use in the classroom.

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