Classroom Comedians

One of my favorite parts of working with kids is the constant supply of funny and entertaining sound bites that float around the classroom setting. I used to work as a swim instructor, and now I work in a preschool classroom, and I have a variety of shadowing experiences across multiple grades; so you can imagine I have many funny quotes stored in my memory. I want to spread the joy and share some of my favorites!

“But Godzilla is cute though…”

“Are you one hundred years old? Hahahaha I know you’re not one hundred! If you were one hundred, you’d be close to dying! You’re probably like forty.” (I was 17)

*One student shares about playing rugby* “Do you play it on a rug?”

“My favorite color is cold!”

*Student writes “really bad always” on a paper describing how their week was*

My personal favorite, however, remains to be topped. My junior year of high school, my best friend, Brooke, and I were co-teaching a private swim lesson to the absolute sweetest kiddo who was eight years old at the time. We were helping him practice his backstroke when, all of a sudden, completely unprompted, he said “You know, sometimes when I get sad, I jump rope. Then I feel better!” Perhaps it was one of those “you had to be there” moments, but every time I scroll past that quote in my notes, I have to take a few minutes to laugh over it.

Teaching is hard and teaching in 2023 is even harder. But silly and innocent remarks from kids make the day to day in the classroom so much better.

3 Replies to “Classroom Comedians”

  1. Students certainly provide a spark of humor. I especially like the rugby question. Smart kid.

    I notice that you did not use any embeds. Was that a choice, or can I offer some additional instruction on how to do that?

    1. It was intentional, but due to unfortunate circumstances. During our first class, my laptop fell on the floor and broke my screen, so I had to complete this post on my phone, and I struggled to add embeds on my phone. However, I have access to a computer with a working screen and have been able to practice embeds!

      1. Sorry to hear that. Hope you can get easy access to a replacement. No worries about embeds. Many chances to use them ahead

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