Almost There

On WordPress, you will find all of the work that I have posted over the course of one semester in edTech. Here are some of the posts that I would like to highlight for you.

In this post, we dove into AI learning. We explored the possibilities of AI in the classroom and how it could be a tool for new teachers in the classroom with lesson planning.
In this post, I created a lesson where students would be able to learn about their senses using pictures to help them understand what they are
In this post, I have highlighted some of the many features of WordPress using gifs, embeds, and images to help readers visualize my experiences.

Throughout this semester, I have learned so much about using WordPress. It has changed the way I will be viewing technology in the classroom. It has so many possibilities for what we can do as educators. I look forwards to using the technology and skills I have learned from this class in my classrooms.

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