A Blast From The Past

April 16, 2033

Dear past me,

It seems like just yesterday I was finishing the spring semester of my third year in college after spending the semester before abroad in Europe for the first time. So much of my life has changed since college and I’m so excited for you to see everything life has waiting for you. Here’s a little sneak peek at things you can look forward to.

  1. Super Speed Traveling: You always had dreams of traveling the world, and with our new technology traveling times in planes have been cut in half thanks to super speed technology. An 11-hour flight to Germany is now only a 5-hour flight! The same goes for flights to other states. You could easily get to NY in just under 3 hours or take a day trip to LA in a 30-minute flight. There are still more adventures you have left before you retire your passport, but in the last 10 years you for sure have had your fair share of travels.

2. Female Leaders: I remember back in 2023 women’s voices were finally starting to be heard and we started to elect women into political positions of power, but now in 2033 we’ve finally had our first woman president! She has done such great work as the face and leader of this country! Our madame President has broken the status quo and has done so much to protect women’s rights across the United States.

3. Insane Block Busters: I remember how much you loved going to the movies with your friends and let me just tell you some of the Marvel and Disney movies that have been released in the last decade have been amazing! All theaters are now equipped with 4D theaters that you don’t have to pay extra for and have such fun seating options from your typical recliners to a nice comfy bean bag you can choose from. Also, they no longer made it against the rules to bring outside food, so now you can bring whatever yummy treats you want to the movies.

Wow so much has happened in the last decade! Hopefully, you enjoyed this little blast from the future and realize all the fun things you have to look forward to. Remember just keep pushing you are almost done with college and have your whole life still ahead of you.


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2 Replies to “A Blast From The Past”

  1. Iliana, I love the ideas you came up with that could happen in 10 years! I hope super speed traveling happens!

  2. Iliana, a fun post to read – with some bold predictions (tho I hope we don’t have to wait 10 years of female president).
    4D movies -I wonder what that will be like?

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