Task 1: How I am using tech for science.

I  like to think that I use technology in my class frequently. By that I mean my kids are probably on their Chromebooks every three lessons or so. Even though they are using their computers I have to admit that what they are using them for might not be the most interactive 21-century teaching tool on the market. I am always searching for interactive web modules that animate and provide interactive instruction on the topics we are covering.

Most of the time when I am using technology to teach content it involves dry McGraw-Hill bio videos or step-by-step animations that are supplementing the visuals needed to aid students in their conceptual understanding of molecular processes. There are a few very helpful animated activities that guide students in practicing and applying content that I also incorporate into my lessons. I LOVE to use technology for review games before students take unit exams and I know that they love them too by how excited they are to see them on our agenda.

I know that there are many areas I need to work on in terms of my edtech use one of them being to bring more independence into activities so that students are coming up with the content or applying it as opposed to gaining the content in an interactive way.

I am always searching for interactive web modules that animate and provide interactive instruction on the topics we are covering and I have become quite the fan of website called ED puzzle. ED Puzzle is a teaching tool that allows you to assign videos via google classroom or just via links that you can choose, dub over, edit, and incorporate questions into. I have made quite a few ED Puzzles for comprehension check assessments as well as review.  Not only is the interface super self-explanatory but the amount of information it provides to the teachers in terms of student results and progress on videos makes it easy to quantify the areas that students find most difficult by showing questions response attempts and the sections that were rewatched.

Here is a link to an EDpuzzle that my kids did during our enzyme unit that was used to incorporate the digestive system since we hadn’t put enzymes into that context with the exception of amylase. Enzymes in Digestion

Overall I know that I am only just beginning to toddle with my use of technology and I am very excited to immerse myself with more resources as well as learn about the ways in which my peers are using technology in their teaching.