!El itinerario para su viaje a Barcelona!

Hola estudantes! Hoy vamos a continuar explorando españa. Ya tenemos una idea sobre su cultura, su arte, sus tradiciones, y su comida… pero, el tema de hoy es la arquitectura. Estoy muy emocionada para compartir su itenerario del día. Vamos a visitar cinco lugares: Parc Guell, La Sagrada Familia, La Monumental, Casa Milá, y Casa Batlló.

Por favor, usen ese enlance (aquí) para explorar los edificios y lugares diferentes. Hay un video adjunto de cada atraccíon. Por favor miren los cinco videos cortos. Cuando estén terminados, su tarea es crear un Jamboard que es como un “Postcard” que le gustaría mandarle a sus padres o a su amigo mejor. En su Post Card por Jamboard, tienen que incluir:

  • Entre cuatro a sies oraciónes
  • Un verbo con el preterito
  • Tres palabras de nuestro vocabulario de la semana
  • Por lo menos, una foto de su lugar que escogiste

Entregar su Jamboard por correo electrónico a Maestra Carbary.

Hi students! Today we are going to continue exploring Spain! We already know a little bit about their culture, art, traditions, and food… but, today the objective for today is architecture. I am really excited to share our itinerary for the day. We are going to visit five places: Parc Guell, La Sagrada Familia, La Monumental, Casa Milá, and Casa Batlló.

Please use this link (here) to explore the different buildings and locations. There is a video attached to each attraction; please watch the five short videos. When you are done, your assignment is to use Jamboard to create a Postcard that you would like to send to your parents or best friend. In your Jamboard Postcard, please include:

  • Between 4 to 6 sentences
  • One verb in the past tense
  • Three words from our vocabulary list this week
  • At least one picture of the location you chose

Email your Jamboard to Maestra Carbary to turn it in.


  • Allow students the opportunity to virtually explore the city of Barcelona at their own pace
  • Students can learn a bit more about Spain’s unique architecture through Google maps and the YouTube videos attached to each destination
  • Students will have an opportunity to practice writing in the target language by creating a fictitious “Postcard home” and including the verb tense and vocabulary from that unit.
  • Students can express their creativity via Jamboard




4 Replies to “!El itinerario para su viaje a Barcelona!”

  1. Rachel,
    This post is SO fun and such a good way to have student interact with the culture, food and so much more! It was so fun to look through this and it made me miss living in Spain! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Outstanding work. Very well researched and supported with excellent images and videos. Your MyMap provides loads of interesting info and and walking path to explore the city.
    But that’s not all – it is only part of a lesson that culminates in students sharing what they’ve learned by creating a Jamboard postcard. You should take pride in this lesson. Well conceived and well presented via WordPress.

  3. Rachel,
    I love this idea for languages! I love that the lesson uses the map as a base for another activity (making a postcard) as well. I also appreciate the translation, as I am, sadly, not a Spanish speaker…

  4. I clicked on your post immediately when I saw the featured photo, so great choice, it drew me in! I also really like the idea of the postcard, it allows students to be creative while showing that they learned from the lesson. It’s also great that you put both the Spanish and English so that if a student is struggling, they could look back and forth a little to learn the words they might not know. Also great for me as I can not speak a lick of Spanish!

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