Class 12: Design with Google Sites

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Our course has been hosted on our WordPress site. But here’s another option to design learning via Google Sites. This is a free tool that is especially useful when you want to showcase more content than what “fits” into a WordPress post.

Google sites are free and become part of your content stored in Google Drive. Sites can easily feature text / images and showcase content you have created using Google docs, slides, forms, Google Drawing, MyMaps or YouTube videos. 

Students will also be introduced to our final project.

In Class Assignment 12: Design a Google Site | Google sites 22-A12

Working with a partner (s), design a learning activity that is supported by a multipage Google site. Note: Partners should include their names prominently on start page of Google Site and on the WordPress Post. They can upload one post and notify Peter to make them co-authors.

1. Google site – Start Page (Home Page)
Be sure to include:

  • Unique header image
  • Title of the lesson
  • Authors of the lesson (this will turn into a co-authored post)
  • Target student group. Grade, course
  • Lesson context? – for example – introduction, pre-assessment, part of bigger unit, etc
  • Goal for lesson and how the site helps you meet the goal.

2. Google site – At least 3 additional pages that provide resources and activities for the students 
Be sure to include:

  • Unique header image for each of the pages
  • A scored pre-assessment OR exit ticket using a Google form
  • At least 6 content elements: Images, Slides, Forms, Docs, MyMaps, Google Drawings, YouTube Videos (made by someone else?) 

3. A WordPress post that showcases the site. (this will be a co-post, so notify instructor who are your partners)
Be sure to include: 

  • Fun title and featured image
  • Authors of the lesson (it’s a co-authored post)
  • An image of the site that serves as hyperlink
  • Repeat the material from your start page (#1) above


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