MyMaps to Facilitate Classroom Relationships

In this project, students and teachers will create a MyMap of their own that illustrates where they are from. Students should use pictures, videos, and short dialogue to inform their maps. The students are free to share whatever they feel comfortable sharing. This may include homes, schools, favorite restaurants, or general cities. We ask students to have at least five points with at least one picture and a short paragraph for each.

 In creating this map, we hoped to help students get to know each other better, build classroom community, and better understand geography. Additionally, students learned how to use and manipulate their own MyMaps to tell a story – ultimately furthering our goal of digital literacy.

This project helped us learn the background of our students to help us better understand where they are coming from. This is crucial for teachers and students both to understand each other as we begin to form our classroom community.

Madison and Lauren’s Project


“Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch,” by Eileen Spinelli, is about a lonely man who one day receives a mysterious letter in the mail. The letter changes his outlook on life, and he begins spreading joy to all his neighbors, until he is told it was meant for someone else. Mr. Hatch goes back to being lonely, but his neighbors surprise him, and he reverts back to his cheerful state. Our lesson will teach children the message that you do not need objects to keep you happy. They will learn this through the powerpoint which will include little projects and writing prompts.


Teamwork Activity

This activity would be used at the beginning of the year to build community, as well as add some comfort to the classroom. The slide show below would be shown to the classroom at the beginning of the activity, with the following questions:

  1. How are the three pictures related to one another?
  2. How are the people in the pictures helping each other?
  3. Would they be able to achieve the activity working alone?

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Once these questions are answered and talked about, they will work on a team project, keeping these pictures in mind.

David Ingram

Andrea Caligaris

Tech Savvy Teachers

We are at a point in time where technology surrounds our everyday lives, and especially our students’ lives. With that being said, it is important as a teacher to be up to speed with the newest technology so that we can stay up to date with our kiddos in the classroom. Times are changing, and technology is being used more and more in the classroom, and students seem to already know how to use it. Because of this, as a teacher teaching these students, we must realize that this is how people learn these days. It is also an important tool for students of diverse learning. Using technology could be the only way they get their points across, learn, or even communicate. We must be aware of this, and be able to help each and every student in our classrooms.