States and Capitals

Kiana and Jordyn’s  MyMap is intended to be used during a Social Studies unit on States and Capitals. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual road trip throughout the continental United States. Each Geotag includes a picture so students can see what each capital looks like. Throughout this unit students can click on each capital and then research information about the state. As the unit progresses students will continue to add facts they learned in the description resulting in a detailed MyMap at the end of the unit.

This lesson is connected to Oregon’s fifth grade Social Studies standard “5.7 Identify, locate, and describe places and regions in the United States.” In utilizing this MyMap teachers are able to meet this standard while allowing students to explore, collaborate and learn as a class.

What should I wear?


This is an instructional resource for primary elementary grades to use during a weather unit. This is an exciting way to help students associate appropriate weather attire with the seasons. This also provides students with the unique opportunity to learn through exploration independently or as a class.

While making this Google slide show we learned how to hyperlink slides to other slides. We also learned about other ways to make lessons more entertaining and engaging for visual learners while still teaching important content. We are both looking forward to creating adventure stories, and other Google slide show lessons, in order to utilize technology effectively in our future classrooms.



This video is for students and parents to show them how to log on to the classroom Seesaw page to either add content on the students end or for the parents to see what the class is working on.

I would add this to my classroom or school webpage as a reminder to students on how to login to their account if they forgot or if they were using an internet browser rather than the app that the school uses. This is also helpful for the parents because they are able to access the page as well in case they aren’t sure how to logon or if they forgot too.


Native American Clothing

My activity uses deductive reasoning. In my public domain search I found these images while looking for Native American clothing. I would use these images with the class to decide what Native American Tribes we like based on their clothing. Students should be able to use what they already know about Native American supplies to help make inferences based on the pictures provided.

  1. What kind of materials did the tribe have access to?
  2. When do you think these clothing items would be worn?
  3. How are they different from the clothing you wear?

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Copper Eskimo-Daderot

Ute Doll-Daderot

Native American Plains Tribe

Tech Savvy Teachers Need To…

When we think about students, we are all hopeful that they will do great in everything they do, however, we all know that there will be mistakes made along the way to their success. When we think of teachers, we would all like to believe that they hold all the answers, but just like everyone else they are human and will need to ask for help once and a while. Technology in the classroom is no exception. This is something new that is becoming more widely used but the problem is, there is always new technology coming out and it can be hard to keep up with it when there is still all the other regular tasks that must be completed in the classroom. This is why it is so important for teachers to be accepting of the trial and error that will come with exploring new technology, but we must learn from these failures in order to find success; trying a new app just to find that it has nothing to do with the lesson that you prepared or clicking the wrong button while preparing for presentation or finding a new feature that makes the information you are presenting more interesting for the audience.  For a tech savvy teacher to be successful in the classroom they must be willing to fail and accept those failures as a way of learning how to do something right.